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About Us

Well, to be honest, we are just one fish in a big pond with plenty of other fish, and starting a new coffee brand isn’t reinventing the wheel. So what is different about us and why should you choose us? It is a very good question, and if you continue reading we will try to explain our way of doing things, which in turn hopefully leads to you trying our products.

While you’re holding a cup of coffee and breathing in through your nose, you are smelling one of the most complex things humans consume. Coffee undergoes a dramatic chemical change during the roasting process with many of which are not yet fully understood, giving rise to nearly a thousand compounds with almost one-third representing important aromatic compounds.

Taste is a personal experience, and it only matters in the context of you. Meaning there is no such thing as “the best coffee”. What does a scent remind you of? Are you looking for a full-bodied Italian-style espresso, or a delicate, tea-like finish? Chocolate notes, or hints of blueberries?

To put it in layman’s terms, technically any coffee bean scoring above 93+ on the SCA quality scale roasted by an award-winning roaster should be very, very good but if you are into pungent Italian dark roast, and the coffee in question is a light roasted single origin Geisha from Ethiopia tasting apples and strawberries it will probably not be your thing. Even if a championship barista could probably win the world championship with it.

In our product line, we try to satisfy a broad range of pallets, from the average coffee drinker to the coffee connoisseur. But to narrow it down you can put all our offerings into three categories: Blends, Specialty, and “Special Reserve”.


Roasted to our specifications at Lindvalls Kaffe in Uppsala and are MAP packaged in 450 gram bags, which allows for longer shelf life with maintained quality.


We either roast ourselves in Sweden or have it made by a skilled roaster to our specifications somewhere in Europe and packaged in 500 or 250 gram Kraft paper bags.


This category is special, hence the name “Special Reserve” and only the highest quality coffee beans roasted by the most skilled roasters make it into this product line. Packaged only in 250 gram Kraft paper bags.

We are a group of coffee lovers who were brought together by our passion for good coffee. We all have different backgrounds, some are in engineering some are championship baristas. Everyone who works with and for us has great knowledge of and is passionate about coffee. We like to think of ourselves as a group of problem solvers who will do everything so that you can serve our coffee in the best way whether it’s in the privacy of your own home or your coffee shop.

Our mission is simple, good coffee for the people without shortcuts.