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Cordilerra De Fuego

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Whole Beans – 250 g

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Don Luis Eduardo Campos planted his first coffee plant in Piedades del Sur, Alajuela after graduating from university in 1984. He has been constantly pursuing new and innovative ways to improve his coffee production. About ten years ago, he had an idea of developing an anaerobic fermentation process to enhance the naturally occurring flavors of coffee.

It took him 6 years to perfect the process, which starts with handpicking very mature coffee cherries (Brix degree near 26). Selecting the cherries when they are at their ripest allows them to have a very high sugar content, feeding both the anaerobic and thermic processes during the fermentation.

The coffee is then de-pulped and put in stainless steel tanks with all its mucilage, which in the absence of oxygen creates a unique series of acids, e.g. lactic and malic acid, resulting in a very complex flavor. Once ready, the coffee is 100% sun-dried.

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 8 cm

Costa Rica


100% Arabica Coffee


Anaerobic fermentation




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Weight 0.0 kg (0 × 250 g)
Packaging 38 × 29 × 19 cm / box
Dose 18 g
Temperature 93 °C
Time 25-28 s
Yield 36 g